Alt.Com review



If You’ve Only Had Vanilla Sex, You’re Missing Out 

When you first start having sex, you probably have stuck to the standard missionary position. But soon afterward, that gets boring to many of us and isn’t enough for us to get off. Then you may advance to various sexual positions and that is fun but you may somehow learn about kink, or figure out you have a fetish and in the dating community, the people who are looking for something more have been left out. That’s why Alt was created to meet that need of thousands of people who are looking to experience something more than vanilla sex from Furries, Cosplay enthusiasts, and people who love to be trampled on with women in stilettos and more.

What Can I Expect At Alt?

There’s not one kind of person or interest on Alt. Many people within the community may be interested in power play and BDSM but others may have other kinds of kinks and fetishes from age play to golden shower lover.

No matter what your interests and desires are there’s likely someone who will be excited to explore sexually with you. You can meet all kinds of people who are open-minded by nature and non-judgmental. You are free to express all your fantasies and chat with people about whatever you want to explore.

There’s no need to worry if you meet someone who has vastly different desires, kinks, and or interests. You can kindly communicate where you stand and take it from there. If you’re open to trying new things maybe you could explore whatever your new friend’s kinds are but it’s totally up to you.

How To Start If You’re A Newbie

Alt has a wonderful community of open-minded adults and does a great job helping newbies find their way around. You can easily meet experts or people who have been within the community for years to show you around so to speak.

Bottom Line

This is not the online dating site for you if you’re looking for something traditional or conservative. You won’t likely find a traditional spouse on Alt but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience what the site has to offer especially if you have a kink, fetish, or fantasy you want to explore.