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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Has Lost Their Shine Since They Got Hacked

Ashley Madison was a popular site for people who were looking to cheat on their husbands and wives discreetly. The dating site was in the media’s eye and had a lot of TV advertisements and radio positions. It boasted their community of access to meeting new people who wanted similar things like you to do a no-strings-attached sexual affair. Some may have wanted a one-time fuck session while other people were fine occasionally meeting up with that person they connected on the site for some friends with benefits moments. However, they got hacked and it created a backlash of lawsuits against cheating spouses and even further backlash against the company because they never compensated any of their members for the failure on their part.

Security and privacy have become very important aspects to gaining members to any dating site partly because Ashley Madison got hacked. Even though the site is still around it’s strongly NOT recommended to give them any of your information or credit card details for that matter.

There Are Many More Places To Find Hookups

In this day and age, there are many dating and find a fuck sites that make privacy their number one concern and work hard to ensure your security and safety. One site that will give you access to horny people near you is Fuckbook. 

The Ashley Madison site itself feels solid with plenty of people willing to admit they have gotten laid after joining. Strangely enough, some people have even reported finding their spouse on the site which is kind of an oxymoron seeing as what the website’s theme is.

Bottom Line

Ashley Madison's fuck finder site gave average people a chance to find someone to bone. It was a great way to find someone quickly to hook up with when your husband was away on business or your wife has a women’s weekend. When the hack occurred so many names came out and so much trouble happened for many of the members and because Ashley Madison did nothing to rectify the problems the leaked information caused, I wouldn’t trust a brand like that. Plus, there are new and better-dating sites launching all the time so be sure to check out a site that’s dependable and safe.