Fuckbook review



Fuckbook is a great dating site focusing on connecting people looking for casual and spur-of-the-moment fucking with strangers. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 20 + years you’ve probably interacted on and with Facebook at some point. The social media giant tried to sue Fuckbook, as the names are very close but failed to get any money. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg and let’s continue with Fuckbook!

How Does Fuckbook Work?

Fuckbook is considered a top-notch dating app that connects singles and couples with other singles and couples for no strings attached kind of sex affairs. You can easily meet local people who would love to fuck you in every way possible. There are over 30 million profiles and so you have a lot of options. You can always chat with more than one person at a time and in fact, it’s recommended. Most of the dates you’ll go on will end in fucking, but you must always be sure to get 100 percent consent. You will not run into a first date where the girl doesn’t even let you kiss her. With the name Fuckbook, everybody knows the intent behind joining the site and it’s well-known that it’s not about sipping tea and patiently waiting to make love weeks after getting to know your date. It’s about hardcore sex, fucking and no strings attached romantic adventures.

Do Most Dates From Fuckbook Actually End In Fucking?

Yes, most dates will likely end in hot lovemaking sesh. That doesn’t mean that there may be a time when sex is not offered. Just because someone has a Fuckbook account and has agreed to meet up with you doesn’t automatically mean sex is happening. You still have to put in the work to win your date’s affections.

Bottom Line

Fuckbook should be supported and Zukerberg should be deported. Well, maybe not deported but I think you get my gist. Fuckbook is worth checking out especially if you’re looking to hardcore fuck someone right now. You no longer have to wait for a dream girl to enter the bar to get lucky. You can join Fuckbook for free and get the ball rolling and soon you’ll be fucking hot singles in your area.