WellHello review



WellHello is a fun and friendly online dating site that brings swingers and singles access to meet new people to go on new sexual adventures. Most of the people are seeking short-term fling relations but others are looking for something more long-term. The environment and core values of WellHello are that the community and the people within that community trust each other and do whatever it takes to build that trust with each other.

WellHello has the kind of community where everyone is welcoming and friendly to one another. It’s the kind of place where men chat it up with the other men in between dates and women make lady pals. However, the key relationship built within the community is casual arrangements for sexual play between strangers.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time sexual escapade or something a bit longer, so long as you bring your authentic self you’ll make connections with ease. People are not judgmental here and we ask that new members also keep those ways of being present. If you’re a newbie many people would like to show you the ropes, help to facilitate orientation, and or lead you in the right direction to get the answers you seek.

Even if you’re not quite sure if you’re ready for this kind of exploration it’s fine to join and take your time. You have the option to swap pictures, chat, and interact with others. One of the key features is security and your privacy. Well Hello makes people feel comfortable sharing themselves on the platform with strangers. It’s covered and you’re safe to talk and chat about whatever you want.

Bottom Line

It seems as though the men and women talk a little longer on this platform before meeting in person than on other dating sites. But that means you’ll get to know the person or couple you’re connecting with well before you actually decide to meet up and when and if you do meet up it will be the right fit and likely an easy transition to sexual compatibility.